End of month eom dating

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I don't understand why some still think Nari cheated on Jungwon. One more thing I like about this drama is that it tells people who have flaws, which are all of us, that flawed people deserve to be happy too. Lee Hwa Shin might be a jerk for what he did to his brother and Na Ri but at least he proved in the end that he was not that bad.

She suffered a lot of shame and mental abuse from Hwa Shin, and kept begging to be with him and giving in to him when she KNOWS herself that she needs to MOVE ON and don't give a crap about him. And Jungwon turned out to be a quite selfish and superficial guy lol. The kiss between them was a burst of emotions in a short moment when they couldn't contain their feelings anymore (It's obvious that Nari never loved Jungwon and has always had feelings for Hwashin), and after the kiss she ran to Jungwon and broke up with him RIGHT AWAY. I really love the she portrayed her role in every series she did... Im searching for her other series and I'd download it.... I love on how the drama is in a serious scene and then something will happen that will make you laugh hard.

but still, if u looking for some light rom-com that will makes u laugh, i would recommend this one. It made me angry to see her take it from him without demanding to be treated with respect. For me Jealousy Incarnate is a drama to remember, to see again; are dozens of scenes wonderful realized. chu hung suk is really really really a good actor..is one of the reason that i stick to this drama till end..deseves grand prize,,really love his acting..should do a rom-com drama with jun ji hyun.will be worth watching Gong hyo-in and jo Jung suk are perfect together in this drama. It maybe just about daily life drama but it really touches my emotions and it is really hard to move on from it. unique refreshing drama, one of the best from 2016, glad i keep watching till the end after second thought to drop it at the middle ep kudos to director, writer, and all actors and actresses, this is one nearly perfect drama for me. there will be no many shippers if he wasnt able to act greatly!!! She grew a lot in her job but her personal life kinda really sucks. I love how they cared, sacrificed for each other and always put each other first, especially from episode 18 onward. It's not like Nari and Hwashin had planned to date behind Jungwon back. Being a long time fan of "The Master's Sun", I'm always checking for Kong Hyo-Jin ( Pyo Nari) in new projects. I have no idea who she ended up with in the end because I couldn't stomach 7 more episodes of the s***. The woman character should have atleast a sense of self respect,rather going back to an asshole she should have chosen someone who cherish her. I just wanted to praise the acting skills oh Unni Kong Hyo Jin.... He's acting is really damn good and he portray the character very well. From haft of the drama toward the end Hwashin had grown very much and really proved his love for Nari. Pyo Nari has 0 backbone, and them all moving in together like a polyamorous wrong-turn was ridiculous. The idea of a women who clings for a guys attention even after being dumped and take him back after all the shit is very degrading. Can watched it overnight..thats what makes me happy ? But as I watch this drama I like Jo Jung Suk more in here.They usually write about their experiences using “coded” escort terminology that discuss the erotic acts the escorts performed and other such items including costs, the escort’s behavior and personality, and their overall satisfaction with the encounter.Information obtained from Escort Network DISCLAIMER: The information here is provided as a courtesy to our Internet reading audience that may be interested in escort terminology.

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